Contact to individual InfoDworce points are located here

Opening hours of InfoDworce: daily from hours 7.00-21.00

Services offered at InfoDworce:

•    Information about the station and available services;
•    Information on the topography of the city, public transport, tourist attractions;
•    Help in using devices available at the station;
•    Information on the possibility of renting space at the station;
•    Information on the possibility of organizing an event at the station, marketing campaign;
•    Help for disabled persons and persons with reduced mobility;
•    Sign language interpreter service;
•    Help with lost luggage;
•    Bookcrossing – books for travel;  
•    Receiving comments, complaints and claims.

Station managers are assigned to the largest stations in Poland. Their task is to manage a given complex. Managers care about the comfort of travelers as well as the cleanliness and technical condition of the station. They are also responsible for cooperation with tenants of commercial areas.